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S.M. Frolov «Recent progress in detonation research»

Year: 2020
Author(s): S.M. Frolov
ISBN: 978-5-94588-282-9
Pages: 96
Publisher: TORUS PRESS

Price:  2 500 RUB

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This book includes the extended abstracts of presentations at the 12th International Colloquium on Pulsed and Continuous Detonations (ICPCD) held in St. Petersburg on October 19-22, 2020. The contributions are arranged in four Chapters: Fundamentals of gaseous deflagrations and detonations; Fundamentals of heterogeneous deflagrations and detonations; Pulsed and continuous detonations; and High explosives.

The volume is addressed to practicing engineers, research scientists working in the field of combustion and detonation, and graduate students studying the corresponding disciplines.

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