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G. D. Roy, S. M. Frolov, D. W. Netzer, A. A. Borisov «Control of detonation processes»

Year: 2000
Author(s): G. D. Roy, S. M. Frolov, D. W. Netzer, A. A. Borisov (Editors)
ISBN: 5-93815-001-9
Pages: 240
Publisher: Elex-KM

Price:  2 000 RUB

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Although detonation may be viewed by many, who are not involved in the combustion discipline, as an uncontrolled explosion exhibiting high destructive power, it can be controlled by various means and applied for material processing, ground drilling, and propulsion. The book includes more than 60 revised and edited condensed articles on various aspects of deflagration-to-detonation transition (DOT) and detonation control in gases, sprays and suspensions of liquid and solid propellants, and porous condensed explosives, written by international experts in detonation physics, chemistry and diagnostics from 15 countries. The contributions are presented in five parts: Control of DOT in Gaseous Systems, Control of DOT in Heterogeneous Systems, Control of Detonation Initiation and Propagation, Transient Heat Transfer and Diagnostics of Explosion Processes, and Pulsed Detonation Engines. The book is published in connection with the International Colloquium on Control of Detonation Processes, held in Moscow, July 4-7, 2000, and is intended as a useful source of information on current knowledge and activities in the area of explosion control and application. In view of the world wide interest in utilizing detonation phenomenon to pulse detonation engine, a novel type of power plant or booster for underwater, sea, air and space propulsion, particular emphasis is given to the control of detonations. The book is generously illustrated, and is provided with numerous references.

The volume is addressed to scientists, power plant designers and engineers, as well as safety engineers. The book will also interest students and the teaching staff concerned with combustion science.

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