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S.N. Vlasov, L.V. Makovsky, V.E. Merkin «Accidents in transportation and subway tunnels: Construction to operation»

Year: 2001
Author(s): S.N. Vlasov, L.V. Makovsky, V.E. Merkin
ISBN: 5-93815-002-7
Pages: 200
Publisher: Elex-KM

Price:  2 500 RUB

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S.N. Vlasov, Russian Tunnelling Association, Moscow, Russia, L.V. Makovsky Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University, Moscow, Russia, and V.E. Merkin, Research Center "Tunnels and Underground," Moscow, Russia

The book offers very valuable contribution to the current knowledge on how and why accidents and emergencies occur during construction and use of transportation and subway tunnels. The book contains the results of extensive research which has brought together information about a huge variety of international accident and emergency situations dealing with fires, explosions, gas and smoke accumulation, collapses, inundations, earthquakes, ground movements, avalanches, etc. in tunnels. The authors' objective is to produce a categorized information on a world-wide basis concerning different types of emergency situations in tunnelling and to reveal improvements that could be made to engineering project decision making. Accidents in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Heathrow, Paris, Seikan, Hamburg, Storebaelt, San Paolo, among others are elucidated. Published for the very first time are the details of accidents and emergencies that occurred within the former Soviet Union in metropolitans of Baku, Moscow and Tbilisi, railway tunnels in Siberia, etc. The book is divided into four sections: (1) an introductory section on types of tunnel accidents and their fundamental causes, (2) a section describing dozens of worldwide accidents during the construction of tunnels, (3) a section describing accidents and emergency situations during the use of tunnels, and (4) a final section with conclusions and recommendations for preventing accidents in the future.

The volume is addressed to practicing engineers, designers, and specialists in risk assessments, and can serve as a text for advanced graduate courses in technological and construction safety.

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