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I.G. Assovskiy, O. Haidn «Rocket motors and problems of space exploration»

Year: 2005
Author(s): I.G. Assovskiy, O. Haidn (Editors)
ISBN: 5-94588-036-1
Pages: 520
Publisher: Torus Press

Price:  3 000 RUB

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The main subject of this book is rocket engines and energetic technologies for space exploration. The book contains 66 selected and revised papers written by international experts in space propulsion, rocket engines, and many other fields associated with space development. The contributions provide critical analysis of the state-of-the-art in the large complex of scientific and technical problems connected with development and application of rocket engineering for space exploration as well as for solutions of the Earth-bound problems.

Experimental and theoretical studies of high-temperature processes in propellants combustion are considered as well as chemical and physical phenomena accompanying the engines work. Certain attention is paid to diagnostics and ground tests of space-rocket systems, to energetic materials and their save application in space conditions, to energetic technologies and power stations for space missions, to the ecological problems and questions of meteoric and asteroid-comet safety, to advanced materials for space-rocket engineering, and to application of space technologies on Earth. Special subject is the international cooperation and joint projects in the field of space exploration. The papers were discussed at the International Conference "100 Years After the Tsiolkovskiy Idea on Space Missions Using Rocket Motors" conducted by the Russian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Russian Space Agency and the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences.

This book is the first volume of the series "Space Challenges in XXI Century" devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Tsiolkovskiy discovery.

The book is recommended to scientists and engineers, to lecturers and graduate students of technical universities.

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