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G.D. Roy, S.M. Frolov, and A.M. Starik «Nonequilibrium processes: Plasma, combustion, and atmospheric phenomena»

Year: 2007
Author(s): G.D. Roy, S.M. Frolov, and A.M. Starik (Editors)
ISBN: 5-94588-047-4
Pages: 120
Publisher: Torus Press

Price:  1 250 RUB

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This book contains about 90 revised, edited, and formatted abstracts of presentations written by international experts in combustion, detonation, plasma physics and chemistry, aerosols and atmospheric sciences. The book provides a condensed overview of challenging problems in these interrelated disciplines. The book is published in connection with the Third International Symposium on Nonequilibrium Processes, Combustion, Plasma, and Atmospheric Phenomena held in Sochi, Russia, June 25-29, 2007.

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